VCSA 6.7 External PSC Converge Process Failed with "Failed to Get RPMs"

As you aware from vSphere 7 VMware is no longer support for external PSC and they have announced it with the release of vSphere 6.7 U2. 

VMware Deprecating External PSC

And they have provided the option to converge your existing Platform Services Controller to a embedded platform controller with the version 6.7 and during the vSphere 7 upgrade process your external platform services controller will be automatically converted into embedded platform services controller.

When I tried to converge my existing vCenter 6.7 U2 with external platform services controller to VCSA with embedded PSC I encountered following error.

"Failed to get RPMs"

Following are the troubleshooting steps I have taken to resolve the issue.

Login to the VCSA with SSH and then changed the working directory to /var/log/vmware/converge

 Then open the converge.log file to check the error in more details. 

As you can see in the highlighted are the mounted ISO file to the VCSA is not the same version as the current VCSA version. SO I had two option.

1. Update the VCSA to matching version to attached ISO version.
2. Download and attach the same version ISO to VCSA.

Since the second option is much easier, I have downloaded the matching ISO version from official VMware site. Link

And the mounted the ISO using following command.

And then I have started the converge process and I was able to successfully converge my VCSA to embedded. 


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