VMworld 2021 - My top 10 Sessions

VMworld, the largest multi-cloud global conference is happening this year from October 5th on wards. As still the world is suffering from the pandemic this time also it's a virtual event and so take the great opportunity and participate to the biggest online tech event to gain knowledge, build your network and join with many fun events. Here are my top 10 VMworld session list which I believe I should attend too.  


Always Available Infrastructure in vSphere - Design Studio [UX2501]

Have you ever struggled when vCenter is unavailable and critical operations like Provisioning, Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), and High Availability (HA), tightly coupled with the vCenter availability, are not functioning? We are working on a solution that will make your infrastructure independent from vCenter failure to ensure that there will be no impact on your ability to provision, manage and monitor it. Let's find out together the best possible ways to address your needs.


I believe this is going to be a big improvement in vSphere environment as I've struggle with this issues many times and believe other VMware admins too. vCenter HA is already a configurable feature within your vSphere environment but with some limitations so I'm exciting to see how this is different than existing vCenter HA configuration.

Speaker : Darina Stoyanova-Mincheva - Product Designer, VMware
Primary Product: VMware vSphere
Primary Audience: SysAdmin/VI Admin
Session Type: UX Design Studio
Pass Type: General and Tech+ Passes


Accelerate and Optimize AI/ML with VMware vSphere and NVIDIA GPUs [VI1322]

In the first part of this tutorial, you will learn about the concepts of machine learning (ML), including inference and training, supervised and unsupervised learning, and deep learning. Gain an understanding of the latest advances in ML and what types of problems can be solved with these techniques. Then, we will focus on the IT infrastructure needed to support ML, including a detailed discussion of the ways specialized hardware accelerators, such as GPUs, are enabled on VMware vSphere, along with a discussion of ML performance. VMware’s partnership with NVIDIA and available solutions will be discussed.

This would be a great beginner session to learn machine learning concepts and how the infrastructure needs to configure hardware accelerate enable ML within the organization. However this session is available only for the Tech+ pass holders. 

Speaker : Mohan Potheri - Staff Solutions Architect, VMware
Topic : Enable Intelligent Apps & Infrastructure - ML, AI & HPC
Track : Vision & Innovation
Primary Product : VMware vSphere
Primary Audience : Enterprise Architect
Session Type : Tech+ Tutorial
Level : Technical 300
Pass Type : Tech+ Pass Only

Accelerate Your Clod Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS [APP2836S]

Cloud is increasingly becoming the new normal for enterprises. Many enterprises are migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS to achieve IT cost savings, improvements in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience. In this session, explore strategies, methodologies and best practice patterns to accelerate your VMware Cloud migration journey. Learn how to plan a VMware Cloud on AWS migration, mobilize your VMware Cloud on AWS foundation, and execute migrations at scale.

Cloud, of course a hot topic these days and personally this will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about VMware on AWS as my enterprise is also running a hybrid solution. As topic says lets prepare for cloud migration with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Speaker : Robert Rodriguez, Sr. Consultant, VMware on AWS, Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Speaker : Eugene Yu, Principal Practice Manager, AWS
Topic : Architect for Hybrid & Multi-Cloud
Track : Multi-Cloud, App Modernization
Primary Product:  VMware Cloud on AWS
Primary Audience : VP, Infrastructure & Operations
Session Type : Breakout Session
Level : Technical 200
Pass Type : General and Tech+ Passes


Anatomy of the VMware SOC [SEC1048]

Follow the journey of our internal Security Operations Center and how we are enabling ease of collaboration among security personnel across different technologies and locations, providing a full view of an attack remotely. With the rise of the machines and automated cyberattacks coupled with a plethora of entry points now being the norm, traditional perimeter controls are leaking like a sieve. It's time to challenge the security status quo and re-think your SOC and security strategy.

Cyber Security another vital aspect in every organization but became more hot topic these days with the work from home model and recent breaches in many organization accross the globe. This will a great session for vSphere admin as they are also responsible for their environment security.

Speaker : Sandra Wenzel, Sr. Cybersecurity Transformation Engineer, VMware
Topic : Modernize the Security Operations Center
Track : Security
Primary Product : VMware NSX Data Center
Primary Audience : CISO, CSO, ISO or VP, Security
Session Type : Breakout Session
Level : Technical 200
Pass Type : General and Tech+ Passes

A Tour of the Heart of the 5G Network with Nokia and VMware [EDG1935]

In this breakout session, VMware and Nokia will take you on a tour of the heart of the 5G network: the data plane user function. Together, we will understand the unique nature of the user plane function (UPF), the challenges of running very high data rates and low latency in software, and the solutions that Nokia and VMware jointly bring to the table. In this fascinating session, we will share best practices, design thinking, tips and tricks, as well as real-world scenarios that you can take directly back to your network for implementation.
5G, the new industry revolution in mobile network. VMware one of the leader in implementing 5G enables infrastructure and also Nokia a known leader in mobile industry will deliver a work through the heart of the 5G network.

Speaker : Jeremy Brayley, Product Manager, Nokia
Speaker : Ninad Desai, Senior Director of Product Management, VMware
Speaker : Sanjay Wadhwa, Nokia
Topic : Modernize Communication Service Provider Networks
Track : Edge
Primary Product : VMware Telco Cloud Portfolio
Primary Audience : Communication Service Provider
Session Type : Breakout Session
Level : Technical 200
Pass Type : General and Tech+ Passes

Avoid a Rough Patch: Manage Windows Patching at Scale From The Cloud [EUS2491]

A DeskCon experience session.Tired of wasted effort manually testing OS and app updates for compatibility? Spending too much time checking if patches have actually deployed to systems, especially if they're off the network? Join this session to learn how to automate some of the most mundane OS and third-party app patch management tasks. Discover how to leverage analytics, insights, and automation so you are not stuck in the rut of constant testing and servicing cadence. We will show you how to save time so you can focus on higher-value work. 

This will be a great session for sysadmins who manage the windows patching. Not all VMware admins involve in Windows patching but early in my career I worked with different client systems and my scope contain one of the most tought part I'd say the patching of Windows OS. So this will be great session for any sysadmin who are still struggling with Windows patching.

Speaker : Ryan Kremkau, VMware
Speaker : Grischa Ernst, Customer Success Architect, VMware
Topic : Embrace Unified Endpoint Management
Track : End User Services
Primary Product : VMware Workspace ONE
Primary Audience : End User Computing Specialist
Session Type : Breakout Session
Level : Technical 100
Pass Type : General and Tech+ Passes

Cloud Native Fundamentals: Containers and Kubernetes 101 for the VI Admin [MCL1257]

Containers, Docker and Kubernetes. We hear so much about them these days, but the tech is moving so fast that it can be challenging to understand what they are and the impact they will have. Come to this session to get a foundational container technical education. Find out what they are, and why they are gaining so much traction in the development community. You will get a technical overview of containers and Kubernetes. The speaker will employ terms and use cases relatable to infrastructure engineers. You will also see some demos of this technology in action to bring the concepts home. This session will close with a short discussion of the latest VMware technology relevant in the container space.
App modernization with VMware is a new feature introduced with vSphere 7 and many admins will have the chalange to support this model within their environment. This session will help you to learn fundementals of containers and Kubernetes and this will be surely and informative session for anyone who is interesting in building cloud native applications.

Speaker : Ulrich Hoelscher, Senior Platform Architect, VMware Inc
Speaker : Alexander Ullah, Kubernetes Staff System Engineer, VMware
Topic : Adopt Kubernetes
Track : App Modernization
Primary Product : VMware vSphere with VMware Tanzu
Primary Audience : SysAdmin/VI Admin
Session Type : Breakout Session
Level : Technical 100
Pass Type : General and Tech+ Passes

Decoding VMUG [IC2827S]

VMware User Group (VMUG) President Steve Athanas invites you to tune in as he breaks down VMUG into four key points that define the community comprised of global VMware enthusiasts: voices, membership, unique stories, and global.
Have you ever attend to a VMUG session ? As a VMUG leader I invite you all to join with this session and get an idea of what VUMG is doing to build the VMware community accross the globe and how you can help to build the community. Being a VMUG member will not help the community but it also help you for your professional development as well.

Speaker : Steve Athanas, Associate CIO for System Architecture , UMass Lowell
Topic : Support Professional Development
Track : Inspire Change
Primary Product : VMware vSphere
Primary Audience : SysAdmin/VI Admin
Session Type : Breakout Session
Level : Business 100
Pass Type : General and Tech+ Passes

From vSphere Admin to Site Reilability Engineer - Where Do I Start [CODE2795]

Does the idea of up-leveling your skillset from vSphere Admin to Site Reliability Engineer excite you, but you don't know where to start? Let us help! This session will be delivered by engineers who made a similar transition; we will guide you toward the skillset and mindset changes that this transition requires. From the architecture changes, to the imperative vs. declarative shift, this session has it all! Go from zero to SRE in less than an hour!
Are you looking for career development ? This is the right session for you. If you seen the Linkedin jobs you will see that now many companies looking for SREs not Administrators. So learn from the industry experts to become a SRE.

Speaker : Ryan Conley, Staff Solution Engineer, VMware
Speaker : Michael Fleisher, Staff Solution Engineer, VMware
Topic : Adopt Kubernetes
Track : App Modernization
Primary Product : VMware Tanzu
Primary Audience : SysAdmin/VI Admin
Session Type : VMware {code}
Level : Technical 100
Pass Type : General and Tech+ Passes

10 Things You Need to Know About Project Monterey [MCL1833]

Project Monterey was announced in the VMworld 2020 keynote. There has been tremendous work done since then. This session details how Project Monterey and SmartNICs will redefine the data center with decoupled control and data planes for management, networking, storage and security—for VMware ESXi hosts and for bare-metal systems. We will discuss 10 things you need to know about Project Monterey to help accelerate your business. Find out how it helps to increase performance, security and manageability for the entire spectrum of VMware vSphere and bare-metal infrastructure management. We will cover and demo the overall architecture and use cases. 
Finally my all time favourite topic on any VMworld session, VMware's future projects. This will give us an idea what VMware is currently working on and you can get the idea of what will be available for you in future from VMware.

Speaker : Sudhanshu Jain, Director Product Management, VMware
Speaker : Niels Hagoort, Staff Technical Marketing Architect, VMware
Topic : Modernize to Hyperconverged Cloud Infrastructure
Track : Multi-Cloud
Primary Product : VMware vSphere
Primary Audience : CTO
Session Type : Breakout Session
Level : Technical 200
Pass Type : General and Tech+ Passes

These are the my top 10 list of sessions that I think I should attend to. If this list is not the best suitable sessions for you, you have 900 sessions at VMworld 2021 to check this out here.

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