Deploy VCSA 6.7 Appliance with Embedded Platform Services Controller - Part 2

In previous post we have discussed about first step of deploying a new VCSA 6.7 appliance with embedded platform services controller.

Once we completed the deploy VCSA wizard, and if you have correctly setup DNS for your new VCSA it will automatically continue to the second step, configure the newly deployed VCSA.

In the welcome screen press Next to continue to setup your new vCenter server appliance.

In this screen it will ask basic config about your appliance. Time synchronization settings and SSH access. Once you set the desired settings click Next.

Here you have to configure the SSO settings for your new vCenter, either create a new SSO domain or join an existing domain. Once you completed the SSO settings depend on you setup press next. In my lab environment, I'll create a new SSO domain.

If you wish to participate VMware CEIP the tick the check box, else lease blank.

In summary page you will see all the settings for your new vCenter and click Finish if all are correct and once you start the configure process there is no revert back option.

 If everything goes smoothly, you will be prompted for the final wizard with instructions to connect to your newly created vCenter.


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